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Obsessed would be putting it lightly

I wear purple everyday,
I own a lot of purple (my guinea pigs cage, my lamp shade, pillows, and much more).
I've loved purple since fourth grade.
I don't know what about the color appeals to me the most,
but something about a nice lavender agaisnt a sweet gray makes me go crazy.
I've dyed my hair purple many times.
People always come up to me at school and say things like "Let me guess, purple is your favorite color?"
A few of my friends call me purple.
But Im not gonna be purple for halloween.
Maybe next year. heh heh.
Most of my screen names have the word purple in them.
This one, my instant messenger screen name, my email, my photobucket(purplehatesyou).
Haha, this community is PERFECT for me.


here are some pictures:

just a random thing i made in photoshop,

the last picture is sick, i know, but i love my eyeshadow stuff from MAC.

Yeah, you get the gist of it.

Good night!
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