Didi (didipurple) wrote in purplelovers,

This community makes me jealous =)

Uhmm..i have to say that im really jealous..my best friend was making me happy by showing me pictures of purple cows heh =) and we found this site by accident.. n im dying of jealousy.. purple belongs 2 me =( and well i read some of the posts and thought id share some of the purple details of my life =).. i wear purple every friday almost religiously (dont wear it everyday cuz it wouldnt b special anymore) have everything purple.. from hair clips and ribbons to shoes and shoelaces..and everything in between.. going through radios.. my ipod.. q-tips.. drumsticks.. and any other random thing u could think of.. i collect the new 5 dollar bills because they r partly purple =) i have tooons of purple stuffed animals.. i desconfigured my computer to make the default font and highlights and backgrounds different shades of purple =) i havent been able to dye my hair purple because it's too dark and it doesnt show =( i would have to bleach it but im scared to do it.. however my exboyfriend did dye his her purple just to get me to talk to him when i was really mad at him.. hah.. random people give me purple pens and pencils in school.. one of my teachers gave a really cool purple eraser.. i got purple napkins on friday haha xD my room and bathroom are completely purple.. when people meet my parents one of the first questions is always "why does she like purple so much?" haha.. the only soda i drink is purple fanta..n i love purple juice =) and well my life in one word would be well..
P U R P L E  =)


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